UAE 6 Prerelease 1 Release Notes June 23, 2008
Copyright © 2008 Manitu Group.

This version is called Prerelease 1, but we may have easily called it UAE 6.00.
First of all, please note the differences from a regular release:
What's new
UAE6 supports SWF version 9 / AS3.
AS3 is totally different from AS1/2. It runs in a new virtual machine, actionscript bytecodes are totally new. There's no 'getURL' action in AS3, which may surprise you if this is the first time you are hearing about AS3. (Of course, you can still 'navigate to URLs' with actionscript, but it's done in a different way).
So, some commands are disabled for AS3, some do not apply (like adding a getURL action), some we plan to implement later.
In Options menu there are now two sections: 'AS1/2' and 'AS3'. 'AS1/2' section holds the commands which are also available in UAE5 and which applies to AS1/2 only. 'AS3' section holds 'Configure AS3 Actions' command. This command lets you configure which actions UAE will list in Actions Tab. Actions are also filtered by a text filter. Unlike AS1/2 actions, there are no default actions UAE lists. If you remove all actions using the dialog, UAE won't list any AS3 actions.
For AS3 actions, PUSH actions can be edited. This is very similar to what we do for AS1/2, but what you can edit may seem less because of the way PUSH actions used in AS3. Again, the type of supported PUSH actions can be changed. Some of these actions refer to the constant pool, in that case you have the option to add a new item to constant pool or edit the value in pool. If you edit the value in pool, note that if there are other references to that value, they will use the new value. This may be desired, or may have undesired effects. (Note about AS3 constant pools: In AS3, constant pools are per ABC - Actionscript ByteCode- data, not per single method/script. This means, if a SWF only has one ABC data, there's only one set of constant pools).
When an AS3 file is open, there will be a main menu item, named 'AS3', which will let you edit constant pool values (for integer, unsigned integer, Number -double floating point- and string values.
Please report bugs and feature suggestions
The reason we are not doing a regular release is to be able to get your feedback at this time. We will have weekly updates until we say UAE 6.00 is ready. During this time, we can make major changes more easily than at other times. The chances that a minor (maybe cosmetic) bug will be fixed is higher.
We will appreciate any feedback! Please write to uae6 @, or to any of our support emails, in any case mention UAE6 in the subject line. If possible attach any sample files so that we can reproduce the issue here.
Prerelease ZIP file only contains the executable UAE6P1.EXE and this release notes HTML. Extract the ZIP to your current UAE folder. You can run this version using the executable UAE6P1, you can also run UAE5.EXE if you want to run the previous version.
UAE6 will make use of UAE6.INI file. You can make a copy of UAE5.INI as UAE6.INI, to start using UAE6 Prerelease 1 with your current INI settings.
Thank you!
Manitu Group