SWF Actionscript(URL related) Editor for Adobe (Macromedia) Flash 4, 5, MX, MX 2004 and 8 SWF files
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Support Options: Write to our support email or submit a ticket to our support. Response in 24 hours is guaranteed, most of the time we will get back to you in 2-4 hours or less.
October 17, 2011: UAE 2011 Released!
See http://www.buraks.com/uae/ for more information.
December 24, 2010: Our best wishes...
Happy Christmas and holidays (and whatever you are celebrating)!
April 10, 2010: UAE 2010/04 pre-release executable is avaialable!
All UAE customers can download the pre-release version now.
January 30, 2010: UAE 2010/01 pre-release executable is avaialable!
All UAE customers can download the pre-release version now.
  • If you have a download page, it should be updated by now. If not, please let us know.
  • If you have a download URL, replace the filename part as 'uae6cp.zip'.
  • If you have any problem with the download, please contact us at support @ buraks.com .
January 25, 2010: UAE 6 pre-release 3 executable is avaialable!
All UAE customers can download the pre-release version now.
January 1, 2010: Happy new year!
We wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2010!
We hoped to release the final pre-release version of UAE 6 in 2009. Unfortunately this didn't happen. You can expect the final pre-release very soon.
August 17, 2009: Online ordering is back!
We had to stop our sales for 1 week (last week, starting on August 11, 2009). This was the first major interruption we had in more than 10 years we have been offering our products online.
Online ordering options are now available. We apologize for any inconvenience.
January 1, 2009: Happy new year!
We wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2009!
July 14, 2008: No UAE 6 Pre-release today :(
We are having public pre-release versions, because we want to receive feedback, so that we can make UAE work better for your needs. Unfortunately the feedback we have received has been very limited. We cannot switch to private pre-release now, but having less updates will increase the amount of feedback we receive. So, we are delaying the next pre-release. Sorry. Thank you all who have provided feedback.
July 7, 2008: No UAE 6 Pre-release this week :(
Pre-release 3 version will be available next Monday.
June 30, 2008: UAE 6 Pre-release 2 now available
This version mainly fixes some bugs, expect new features with the next release. We also have a new icon!

June 24, 2008: UAE 6 Pre-release 1.02 now available
We have spotted 3 easy to fix but important bugs (affecting only AS3 files), fixed them and updated all download locations with the new pre-release 1.02 executable. (Next pre-release version is scheduled for June 30th as planned).
June 23, 2008: UAE 6 Pre-release 1 executable now available!
Finally SWF9 and AS3 support is here. If you legally own a UAE 5 license, you can get this pre-release version. Notes:
  • This is called 'pre-release' because it doesn't have a help file and we want to keep working on improving UAE for what we'll call the '6.00 release' version. There are no known stability issues etc.
  • We will have weekly updates until UAE 6.00 is released.
  • You can read release notes here.
  • Download:
    • If you have a download page, it should be updated by now. If not, please let us know.
    • If you have a download URL, replace the filename part as 'uae6cp.zip'.
    • If you have any problem with the download, please contact our support, at support @ buraks.com.
  • Site will be updated later, after pre-release phase is over, with the 6.00 release.
August 6, 2007: UAE 5.28 released!
This version updates the decompiler engine to the latest.
Registered user can now download UAE 5.28 at their assigned download locations.
August 2, 2007: Pricing change
Single user license for UAE now costs 65 USD.
January 30, 2007: swf2fla.com IP address change...
If your download URL contains the IP address, please change it to or swf2fla.com. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.
December 25, 2006
We wish you happy holidays, merry christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Kwanzaa and a happy new year!
(Our response times might be somewhat, but not very much, slower than usual within the next week).
November 6, 2006: Pricing change... (and PayPal now accepted!)
We started working with a new payment processing company, Plimus, in addition to excellent Emetrix. All our prices tended to end with .95, which looked like a cheap trick. Though we are aware that it may have been an unintended trick that works, we have decided to adjust our pricing, unfortunately this means an increase, albeit a very small one, 0.05 USD...
September 15, 2006: UAE 5.16 released!
This version updates the decompiler engine to the latest.
February 15, 2006: UAE 5.1 released!
Unicode support and decompiler engine enhanced. Variable name of dynamic/input text symbols can now be edited. New Preview Whole SWF... command lets you preview the edited full SWF. Various bugs fixed...
October 19, 2005: UAE 5.0 now available
It took longer than we have anticipated, but it's here now. Main new feature is Flash 8 / SWF 8 support. Also now UAE lets you export editable action parameters as text and can import modified text back.
May 23, 2005: UAE 4.06 released!
This version adds color effect and matrix transform to Add Layer dialog, updates the decompiler engine to the latest. Also Library Tab now shows the font name for static text stymbols.
January 1, 2004: UAE 4.0 with MX 2004 support released!
This version is also free for all registered users. See History for more info.
April 12, 2003: ASR released!
ASR, Action Script Replacer, is a new tool that can import actionscript from a SWF file to replace actions in another SWF file. More info available here. ASR is not sold separately and is free for our customers who have purchased both ASV and UAE.

What is URL Action Editor?
URL Action Editor is a 32-bit Windows utility application, that lets you edit the URL-related actions in SWF (Flash) files. This is useful if you lose the FLA source and need to change the URL addresses. In case there are graphical symbols referring to those URLs, the utility will also let you hide/change certain types of symbols, edit instance names, linkage IDs, colors (for vector symbols), initial text (for editable text symbols) and tweak coordinates.
Important: URL Action Editor 5.x is compatible with SWF versions 8 (Flash 8) and below. Officially, only Flash 8, MX 2004 (7.0, 7.01, 7.2) MX (6)/5/4/3 generated SWF files are supported.

Main Uses
When your FLA is lost, usually the SWF is surviving somewhere on the Net. Most of the time a need arises for simple changes to the SWF. Most requested change is for the links, also sometimes some graphics or buttons are to be hidden. And sometimes you just need to replace one symbol, say a (non-streaming) sound or a logo.
While there may be many ways of redoing the FLA, UAE will let you make the small required modifications without touching the rest of the SWF. In case of editing URL related actions in the SWF, UAE provides a very easy to use interface.
With URL Action Editor you can (for Flash 8, MX 2004, MX, 5 or below generated SWFs);
  • See the list of, Edit string/number parameters of, or Disable if necessary, the supported URL-related actions in a SWF, which are:

      Directly URL-related actions:
    • getURL
    • fscommand
    • fscommand2
    • loadMovie
    • loadMovieNum
    • loadVariables
    • loadVariablesNum
    • print
    • printAsBitmap
    • printAsBitmapNum
    • printNum
    • unloadMovie
    • unloadMovieNum
      URL-related object methods / functions / properties:
    • .getURL
    • .loadMovie
    • .loadVariables
    • .unloadMovie
    • .load
    • .send
    • .sendAndLoad
    • .loadSound
    • .allowDomain
    • .domain
    • ASnative(301,0)
    • ASnative(301,1)
    • ASnative(301,2)
    • .htmlText
    • .url
    • .play
    • .connect
      Following types of actions are supported as default 'Extra Actions' ('Extra Actions' can be configured and more actions can be added to the following list):
    • All actions that include the '=' operator
    • All actions that include the '==', 'eq' operators
    • All actions that include the '===' operator

    UAE can also change the type and the evaluated state of a parameter. (This means for example you can change a variable to a constant string or a string to a variable, or a boolean to a number).
    For optimized SWF files (created by Flash 8/Flash MX 2004), registers will be shown as _local1, _local2 etc. and will not be available for editing. Also, function parameters passed in registers cannot be edited.
  • See the list of symbols in a SWF (except streaming sounds), where you can Import a symbol from another SWF or Replace a symbol with another one from another SWF. Edit the URL of an imported symbol, the text and variable name of dynamic/input text symbols, the linkage ID (export/import ID), Instance Name of a symbol.
  • See the list of timelines and frames in a SWF, Hide a symbol (layer) on a timeline or Change a symbol with another one where you can use previously imported/replaced symbols which effectively lets you change a symbol (except streaming sounds) on a timeline with another symbol from another SWF.
  • Add a getURL action to the end of any frame.
  • Add a new layer to any frame.
  • Modify colors in graphic and text symbols.
  • Modify locations of symbols.
  • See the frame labels in a list. Add, Delete, Rename a frame label.
  • See movie properties (Disk location, SWF version, File Size, if the SWF is compressed, Width, Height, Frame rate, Frame Count, Background Color, Bounding rectangle) and Modify Bounding rectangle (Width, Height, Center), Background color and Frame rate. Add and edit SWF MetaData, FileAttributes, ScriptLimits tags.
  • With a context sensitive preview window while working.
  • UAE is a portable application. Does not have an installer, does not write to Windows registry (and needless to add, does not connect to Internet - does not 'call mothership', as some call it), can run from a USB thumb drive.
So if you're a designer who lost his FLA or a contract programmer that has a need for small changes on a SWF, URL Action Editor will save your time and resources! What is new?
Version 5.x
  • UAE now supports Flash 8 generated SWF files (SWF version 8).
  • Movie Information dialog is redesigned and now includes Metadata, FileAttributes as well as ScriptLimits.
  • SWF extraction enhanced.
  • Unicode support enhanced.
  • UAE can now export all action data to a text file and import back changes.
  • Various bug fixes.
Version 4.x
  • UAE now shares the latest decompiler engine with ASV 4.
  • Tested with Flash MX 2004 7.2, support for FSCommand2 added.
  • UAE can now edit frame labels.
  • Extra Actions are not fixed and can be configured now.
  • UAE can now change version of a version 5 SWF to 6.
  • Edit location command added to Timelines Tab.
  • Edit Instance Name command added to Timelines Tab.
  • Edit Linkage ID command added to Library Tab.
  • Action Find command added to Actions Tab.
  • Modify command now split into Edit Import URL and Edit Initial Text commands in Library Tab.
  • Interface enhancements.
  • UAE now supports Flash MX 2004 generated SWF 7 and register optimized SWF 6 files.
  • UAE now can extract SWF files from ZIP, SWC, etc. files.
  • Now ScriptLimits Tag can be add and edited in Modify Movie Dialog.
  • Add Layer dialog now has options for matirx transform and color effect.
  • Version Check command added to Help Menu.
Version 3.0
  • Supports SWF version 6 including new URL related actions.
  • New option to display actions that contain '=', '==', '===' and 'eq' operators for editing.
  • Last opened 4 files are now listed in the file menu.
  • Now you can open SWFs embedded in projectors and other EXE files.
  • Shares the latest decompiler engine also used for Action Script Viewer 3.0.
Version 2.0
  • Supports Swf version 5 including new Url related actions.
  • You cannot write expressions but can edit strings in expressions.
  • Library tab shows all symbols in the Swf file.
  • Symbols from other Swf files can be imported. These imported symbols can be used to replace current symbols or specific instances.
    Now you can change (non-steaming) sounds! You can import text from another SWF and change text!
  • Url of imported symbols can be edited. Text of editable text symbols can be edited.
  • Background color of preview window can now be changed. Enabling actionscripts in preview window is now optional for security.
  • In preview window, symbols (especially MovieClips) will be auto-zoomed to fit the window.

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