SWF Actionscript(URL related) Editor for Adobe (Macromedia) Flash 4, 5, MX, MX 2004 and 8 SWF files
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UAE 3.03 was featured on Eat Orange. Tech. (by Sean Voisen)
(February 9, 2003)
Read it at eatorange.com (EatOrange tranformed to Voisen.org on February 27, 2003) Read it at Voisen.org
'UAE allows quick editing of a .swf file for modification of URL related actions (getURL, loadMovie, unloadMovie, etc.). This seems most useful if you've lost or never had access to the associated .fla.' ... 'UAE also allows for swapping of symbols and colors of symbols. Pretty handy.'

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Following news article was featured on Flash Magazine on 6 June 2001 (About UAE v2.0 release):
Manitu Group has released a new version of it's editor tool. This program will save you if you have lost your source-file.
The program won't give you the sourcefile back, but can do minor changes in the SWF-file like changing URL's and hiding graphics. Most customers need only minor adjustments and URL Editor will do the trick in most
The program now supports Swf version 5 including the new Url related actions, editing of strings in expressions, import symbols from other Swf files and change Url of imported symbols. The text of editable text symbols can also be edited.
Following news article was featured on Flash Magazine on 27 October 2000 (About UAE v1.0 release):
URL Action Editor Released!
Lost the FLA and need to change a getURL action?
One often-posed question in newsgroups is " We've lost our source file and only have the swf left. is there any way to still work with this file ? " Thats where the new tool from the grandaddy of flash-hacking tools Burak KALAYCI comes into place. His lately published " URL Action Editor " for windows gives you the power of entering an swf file and do simple changes. One main feature is that you can Edit getURL Actions such as getURL, LoadMovie, UnloadMovie, LoadVariables and FScommand.
The other main attraction is that you can hide/change symbols of any kind within the swf. The program is intuitive to use and lists all available get Url actions /symbols ... you simply have to check a frame and with the use of a simple preview window check for the symbol you want to edit, change it and afterwards save it to a new swf - all very easy and comfortable. Until now only flash 4 is supported, but flash 5 support is already announced. concluding this tool that comes at a cost of 40 $ is well worth its price, but might exclusively prove helpful to those that lost their source files.
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