UAE Pre-release Release Notes (2010)


April 10, 2010

Copyright © 2000-2010 Manitu Group.

This version is the release candidate for next version of UAE. We recommend you use this version, as it is stable and has improvements and bug fixes over UAE 5, even for AS1/2 content.

UAE 2010/04 Pre-release Release Notes (April 10, 2010)

  • Lots of bug fixes and enhancements to both AS1/2 and AS3 decompile engine.
  • Now there’s an option to use offline or online help, both of which are currently not available.
  • In Location dialog in certain cases a preview is shown. It’s easy to set the location via dragging in this preview.
  • Please keep letting us know of issues or sugestions.

UAE 2010/01 Pre-release Release Notes (January 30, 2010)
Please find below release notes for the previous pre-release version (v6pr3b), released just 5 days ago. Here are the changes with this version:

  • There are some bug fixes. The real reason for this release is one important bug discovered and fixed.
  • Versioning is changed. Next version of UAE will have date as version number, starting with this pre-release version. Executable name will be just ‘uae.exe’, INI name will be ‘uae.ini’. You may want to copy/rename your uae6.ini file as uae.ini to migrate your settings.
  • It turns out many of existing UAE users were used to having the Preview Window always on top. We have added the option for this to Preview menu.
  • Please keep letting us know of issues or sugestions.

UAE 6 Pre-release 3 Release Notes (January 25, 2010)

  • Windows 9.x and 2000 support dropped. UAE still may run on these systems but surely there will be at least cosmetic problems.
  • Preview Window is not always on top anymore. With F8 you can activate the preview (bring to front). Also now preview window has navigation controls, trackbar and option to save snapshot.
  • UAE now has skin support. You can activate skinned mode using Options|Use Skinned Interface command. External skins, available in ‘skins’ folder can be selected using left top system menu of the main UAE window, when skinned mode is active.
  • Main menu is re-arranged. AS1/2 commands are now separated from AS3 command. (‘AS2 Extra Actions’ are now called ‘Additional Actions’. Frame labels tab is now always visible).
  • File|Batch|Add Layer… command now available.
  • AdCheck displays an alert, if you activate it, when dimensions and file size of a SWF do not match any in the white-list you can define (Toolbar icon lets you see the result with a quick glance). Also, you can now define string variables that will be avilable in the preview window, which can emulate variables that will be defined in host HTML page for the SWF.

  • Embedded SWF search and Select SWF dialogs are redesigned.
  • New Edit Symbol Classes command available for AS3 SWF files.
  • New Search and Replace Strings command available for AS3 SWF files. Also there’s a shortcut from Edit String Pool Values dialog. Search is case sensitive but can be partial or exact. Instance names, font tags, symbol class tags etc. are searched along with String Pools.

  • Disable command is now available for AS3 actions.
  • Convert non-ANSI strings to ANSI command now available for AS3. Obviously this will ruin valid content that use non-ANSI strings, but it should help for obfuscated SWF files (when used temporarily).
  • Hundreds of bugs/issues fixed.

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Thank you!

Manitu Group