About Manitu Group


Manitu Group LogoManitu Group has been creating SWF related applications commercially for more than 16 years (as of May 2016). Our familiarity with the format dates back to May 1998.

Manitu Group is known in the Flash community mostly for the first actionscript/SWF/Flash decompiler, Action Script Viewer.

UAE was released on October 25, 2000 and is now our second flagship product with more than 10 years of successful existence, still used by many big names in advertising industry as well as enthusiastic users, as in early years.

We have also successfully completed many contract programming jobs related to SWF format over the years for major clients. Currently we are too busy to accept any contract work.

You can read Burak KALAYCI’s (frozen) blog at www.asvguy.com.

Manitu Group is located in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey.

You can reach Manitu Group at manitu at buraks dot com.