Mar 222012
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UAE 2012/03 released!

Registered UAE users can now download the updated version from their download URLs.

(If you have UAE 2011 installed, we recommend you uninstall it first and then install UAE 2012 to the same folder. This way you won’t need new activation. In any case, if you are prompted for activation, just email us your activation ID, and we will get back to you as soon as possible).

With this update,

  • Decompile engines are updated to the latest.
  • New SWF Size dialog. Diaplays SWF tag counts and sizes. This helps especially when comparing SWF files.
  • Now there are options for not displaying the sidebar and the toolbar.
  • AdCheck defaults has been updated, retired formats removed. (This applies only for a new installation, for default values).

All UAE customers still qualify for this release. So, if you ever had an UAE license, you can get this version and some more updates for free. Please contact us.