Oct 182011

UAE 2011/10.17 is (finally) released!
UAE logo

All current (legal) users qualify for free upgrade to this version!

If your download link does not work, please contact us at support @ buraks.com, make sure you have ‘UAE’ in the subject line, otherwise we may miss your email. Please write from your registered email address, or provide your order ID.

UAE now requires activation. When you first run UAE, your PAC (Product activation code) will be displayed. You will need to send it to us to receive your license file.

What has changed from the ‘Release Candidate’ pre-release version we had in April 2010?

  • AS2/AS3 decompile engines updated to the latest. (There’s now AS3 Import Options dialog).
  • SWF13/FP11 now supported (including support for LZMA compressed SWF files).
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.
  • UAE now requires activation on current hardware. (Single license = single activation).
  • UAE start-up time is increased, now a splash graphic is displayed during start-up.
  • Currently no help file or any documentation is available.

Thank you!