UAE 2020/09 released!

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UAE 2011/11 released!

[This 11th Anniversary version fixes a couple of decompile issues and a few UI related issues. Also setup now offers to add ‘view with UAE’ association for SWF files. One change you will likely notice is removal of bottom action bar to provide more vertical space].

UAE is a Windows application that lets you edit parameters of actionscripts in Flash (SWF) files. UAE also has many other features like replacing symbols, editing linkage IDs, frame labels, importing new symbols and placing them on any timeline, editing location of symbols on any timeline etc .

Until more information about UAE 2011 is available you can read:

Version 2011/10 release announcement post

Version 2010/04 Pre-release release notes

Site update in progress.

Old content temporarily available at https://asdecompiler.com/uae_2010/ .

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